We are a modern innovative group deeply rooted in the idea that we can make this world a better place despite all hunger, cruelty and injustice. We believe that reason and compassion will help us survive through the ages. We will put all our confidence in modern technology to develop new innovations that could help improve the quality of living, cure the sick and bring hope to humanity once again. 
Project Lead:   Elo
Title:  3D Artist/Industrial Designer

Biography:  Elo is a modern physics major and industrial designer. Collaborated with particle physicist Kenneth Ganezer in the research of solar neutrinos and gravitational waves. He has worked as a 3D Artist/Industrial Designer for respected industries for the past 16 years including ornamental lighting, LED retrofit systems, industrial steel framing, Modular Building Systems, power grid substation design for Burns and McDonnells and most recently air pollution control systems. His hobbies are Sci-Fi writing, pattern recognition (Data Mining), product design, reading world history and science books, collecting rare coins and going for walks with family and friends.

Email edgarledmon@edmoninnovations.com