Welcome to Edmon Innovations
The future is finally here
We are product developers, designers and innovators
Welcome to Edmon Innovations. We are a tech startup group with a very simple idea in mind:  "Modern computers are finally ready to break the code of nature and tackle the most difficult problems in science and technology."
This new capability in modern computers can lead to incredible innovations that promise to improve the quality of living. Cell phones for example, 3D printing, and transportation technology are all clear evidence of this astonishing principle.    
Problem solving for the modern world
Sickness, hunger, cruelty and injustice are all here to delay the progress of mankind. All these heavy hurtles are fueled by ignorance and social limitations. Our group is determined to find real answers to real problems by coming out with creative solutions. Help us find real answers to the following 3 problems.  We are convinced that finding solutions to these 3 problems we will make the world a better place.
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